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Description:Zyrx: Robo tube Game's award-winning and original mind boggling memory test! To play, match the pattern of dots in the blue box by clicking the large dots in the orange grid. Sounds easy, doesn't it? It would be, if you didn't have only a couple seconds to memorize the pattern! Solve 20 puzzles in a row and enter Round 2 where you'll need to double click for Pink dots and single touch for White dots. and it only gets harder from there., Simply match the pattern of dots in the upper-left grid by clicking the big dots in the large grid. White dots=Single Click, Pink Dots=Double Click, Green Dots=Triple Click, Game ends when you have used up all your misses. You can also use hints to help you out. If you click a dot more than the number of times it should have been clicked (ie. double click for a white dot) you will be penalized a half-miss. mouse click to shoot,

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