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Description:Zyraxxus: a multiplayer shoot-em-up game set in deep space! Each player controls a ship and competes to shoot and destroy all the other ships in a free-for-all shootout.There are four ships to choose from - each with its own unique characteristics. All ships have a primary blaster and a secondary weapon. The primary weapon recharges quickly while the secondary recharges more slowly. SHIPS, POWER UPS, & RADAR Wasp * Medium speed, armor, and maneuverability * Shot power up to triple shot * Photon Torpedo as secondary weapon Rhino * High-damage shots; good armor; slow maneuverability * Shot power up to dual missiles * Short-range forward warp as secondary weapon Saucer * High speed and maneuverability; low armor * Shot poweru p to faster-firing auto track laser * Mine laying capability as secondary weapon Raptor * High shot density at close range; medium s press spacebar to shoot,Shift or B: Secondary weapon,movement: arrow keys

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