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Description:Zed Ray: Zed Ray is an addictive puzzle game using vector graphics and pulsating music. It is based on a new game concept which is easy to learn but hard to master. You can create your own levels with the included level editor. Your mission is to destroy the neon light beams before they hit the ground. Zed Ray contains two modes: arcade and puzzle. In puzzle mode all beams must be destroyed while in arcade mode you need to score as high as you can. The goal is to destroy the beams before they reach the ground. A beam is stopped if it collides with another beam unless both beams have the same color then they are destroyed. Bend a beam by clicking on the end. If a beam is approaching another beam, you can speed it u mouse click to shoot,

Arcade games, High score games, Levels games, Art games, Challenging games, Vector games, Lines games, Lights games, Beam games, Puzzle games,

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