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Description:Voyager Breakout 2: Inspired by the Star Trek computers interface, here is Voyager Breakout! A tribute to Star Trek, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. Catchy game play, catchy music. For each level the paddle are getting smaller and the ball goes faster. Look up for the bonus feature. The bonus ball will give you 2 balls at the screen, but the pink ball will give you 4x of normal points and double the normal ball. If you hit a bonus with the ball you get 50+. The other bonus will give you a bigger paddle. It will small again if you lose the blue ball. If you lose the blue ball, but still got the pink ball, the pink ball will become the blue one, but the paddle will return to normal if it's big. Use your mouse to move the paddle. When you are in the game you may press Space bar to get the menu screen.

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