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Description:Volley Hurt: A Volley ball game with bonuses, weapons. I plan to add more stuffs like a score system, more characters, and more bonuses. Can be played in two players on the same keyboard. Player 1: X: Left C: Down (guard) V: Right D: Up (Jump) S: Use bonus J: Smash 1 (upward-downward smash) K: Smash 2 (diagonal smash) L: Smash 3 (straight smash) Player 2: Left cursor: Left Down cursor: Guard Right Cursor: Right Up Cursor: Jump Ctrl: Use bonus 1 (number pad): Smash 1 2 (number pad): Smash 2 3 (number pad): Smash 3 The ball can harm any players being to close, unless in guard mode. When stun shake left and right movement to get rid of the bells. Bonuses: -Multi ball: create two fake ball to confuse the opponent -Boxing glove: Move straight and harm the opponent. Will travel back. Can back fire -Medi kit: Lower the number of stun bells you have -Fire ball: Trail hurt anyone touching it. -Heal ball: Add "rebound lives" to the ball, use it when you are exposed to a touchdown.

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