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Description:Vin man: Once upon a time a fairy with a halo won hearts of millions. Whole country risen and went under her lead overcoming the difficulties. Getting through the evil that covered the sky of everyone of us. All people were living with a hope for their future. Future without lies and wars, intrigues and hypocrisy, thievery and lawlessness. Everyone united so much that they blindly gave their hears to evil powers of the government. But soon they all knew that "fairy" isn't really good and honest but evil ! Friends began to break up with her, not agreeing her authoritarian regime and here motto - "power at any cost". But it was always not enough for her, so she continues eating human hearts, who was willing so much for bight future but only achieved chaos and corruption. But powers of light and truth could not take her any more and had chosen Vin Man, whose mission was to find and destroy all evil and dishonest leaders and fairy herself. Depending on what level are you on you can get access to different kinds of bolts, blinking icon with number of related key will let you know about that. CTRL backup request. Two earthling superheroes who will fight on your side. With every damage you cause to enemy, your scale of "summon" will rise, and you could use their powers more often. Green bar is your health. Watch for it not getting empty, because you'll have to restart from the beginning of the level. press spacebar to shoot, movement: arrow keys

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