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Description:Up: Up is a unique puzzle-platform in the isometric perspective that is addicting, fun, re-playable, and very easy to learn. The player controls a single character whose goal is to climb as high as possible up the never ending tower. While avoiding the constant barrage of falling blocks, the player collects coins, cake, and hearts that appear on the play-field when blocks are "activated." The player activates blocks by making their colors match their spots. Features: * Never-ending level * Personal high-scores that are stored on the user's system (i.e. they are saved between plays) * Addicting game play. When the player dies, the urge to play again and again to try to get even higher is hard to resist. * Good looking backgrounds and quality music * Simple-to-learn controls (just the arrow keys), and * Room for player improvement: the better you are, the higher you can get movement: arrow keys

Space games, Tower games, Coin games, Isometric games, Cake games, Rainbow games, Heart games, Money games, Other/ Trivia games, Puzzle games,

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