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Description:Tzolkin: The Mayan's hidden secret is revealed. It can't be stopped. It can't be ignored. It must be faced. The power of Tzolkin is yours. Will you embrace it? As the end of the world draws near, only one hope remains. Tzolkin. The ancient Mayan calendar holds the key to mankind's salvation, or its early end. For those who dare to face it, they must unleash the hidden symbols in a puzzling and skill demanding game in order to unlock Tzolkin's mechanism. Combine the pieces and find the symbols in the mystic and eye-dazzling world of the Mayans. There's only one way out. No way back. This is Tzolkin. The mechanism has 20 levels. Each level has 13 speeds. At the end of each level you'll release a hidden symbol. Your goal is to release all the 20 symbols. mouse click to shoot, use mouse for movement

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