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Description:Trivia: Trivia is an online quiz, which will rediscover your knowledge. Choose your favorite category and start answering the questions. Watch out for the clock. Beat the clock. Be as fast as you can and you will receive a time bonus. If you answer correct to all the questions in this category you will receive bonus points. After you done with this round, you can choose a new one . The old round will become inactive. Your goal is to answer the questions correctly in all categories and to earn maximum points. Finally, the result is stored in the score board. After a topic is played out, you can quit with your current result, which is recorded in the score board. Every topic contains different amount of questions. For each question you have 30 seconds. If you don't know the answer or if you can't answer during the given time the next question will appear automatically, but you don't take any points. For each question with correct answer you receive 100 points. If you give an answer very quick you win bonus time. If you are lucky you can win 1000 points by answering to all questions right. There are two types of questions- one , you have to choose the right answer by picking from four choices and second, you have to type the answer. After every round of the game you have the choice to give up by pressing the corresponding button, use mouse for movement

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