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Description:Tricked Out Trailer: A sim game where you trick out your trailer. Make enough money by playing poker, shooting beers, pawning something, scratch and win games and even going to work at a beer factory, so you can trick out your trailer with spinner dubs, spoilers, a new coat of paint, undercarriage neons, tints and even a flame job. Get all upgrades and win a spot on the cover of an industry magazine. To start the game, you'll need to either go to work or pawn something, then you will have enough money to play poker (if you pawned something worth $20 or more) or play scratch and win ($5). To play the skeet shooting game, you'll need to make $100, then buy a gun from the pawn shop. Work consists of clicking the green buttons in succession...it's monotonous, but it makes money. To upgrade items on the trailer, click the upgrade icon (the arrow) and an upgrade panel will appear. Here you can sel use mouse for movement

Upgrade games, Simulation games, Monster truck games, Beer games, Skeet games, Card games, Customize games, Other/ Trivia games, Shooting games,

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