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Description:Toad : a game that I made to replace the Frogger game I lost. I wanted to play Frogger, but couldn't; thus Toad was born. Toad is basically Frogger dressed up as a toad -- but really, it makes so much more sense than Frogger, frogs can swim, why does Frogger die when he falls into the water? well, with Toad it all makes sense. I hope you can appreciate Toad as it is my first ever published game. I used all of my own sounds and graphics and it took a while. So, if you like old school game art and cheesy sound effects, then the game is for you! Use the mouse to press buttons when they're on screen. Use the arrow keys or the A, W, S, D keys to move. Use P to pause the game and use O to undo Collect the five toads on the other side of the riv movement: wasd

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