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Description:The Grass Cutting Game: ARG, GRASS! Cut it all down to size, those annoying grassy blades are mocking you. DO IT! Try and beat your best time! There are 4 different levels, each with more grass in it than the last. CUT CUT CUT CUT! The Grass Cutting game is an upgrade to an old game I made a while ago: Extreme Grass Cutting Fire up the game and choose from one of 3 unique modes. 1. Free Play mode: Either cut the grass at your own leisure, or race against the clock to cut the grass below the blue line in the quickest time. 2. Survival mode: The grass is constantly growing, make sure it doesn’t reach the top of the screen, how long can you survive for? 3. Gem hunt mode: There are gems hidden in the grass, cut it down to find them, the quicker you find the gems, the better your score. Enjoy the game! Wave the mouse over the grass to cut it.

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