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Description:The Chase: An amazing platform/ puzzler game based on the hugely successful Intel ďThe ChaseĒ video. Playing as Eva, you need to protect the package from the bad guys as you race across the world of your PC. Yup thatís right you are playing in a world of browsers, windows, desktops, games and there is even a bit of ASCII art thrown in. Nice touch with the LEVEL EDITOR, itís another game in its own right, create your own levels and share them with friends to get the best rating and the highest rank in the Gallery. Left arrow to move left, right arrow to move right, up arrow to jump, down arrow to duck and space to kick. On some levels running and then clicking down will give you a nice slide under obstacles. On the LEVEL EDITOR its simply drag and drop to place elements, donít forget each level has to have an exit door/ portal and you can add the Intel Core i5 chip as an optional key to open the portal. press spacebar to shoot, jump: up,movement: arrow keys

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