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Description:The Big Bad Wolf: Once upon a time there where 3 little pigs, each built a house one made of hay, one made of sticks and the last made of stone. The Wolf. The BIG SCARY WOLF. tried to eat these little pigs. He huffed and he puffed and blew the houses down. Until he reached the stone house where the wolf just couldn't blow the house down, probably because he was getting old and was therefore quickly out of breath. The wolf came back years later after getting a job at a local fast food restaurant, he had saved up to buy an ACME Canon . The wolf then BLEW THOSE HOUSES DOWN! And he lived happily ever after. Destroy the Pigs homes by blowing them down with a canon, using different weapon types your advantage A: Change Weapons, D: Change Weapons, mouse click to shoot, M: Menu,P: Pause, R: Restart, Spacebar: Start Level, use mouse for movement

Catapult games, Story games, Time games, House games, Wolf games, Structure games, Canon games, Action games, Other/ Trivia games, Puzzle games, Shooting games, Strategy games,

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