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Description:Thanksgiving Kitchen Hero: Thanksgiving Extreme Food Fight! Fast paced food battle of skill and reflexes. Throw pumpkins at turkeys to knock it to your opponents side of the kitchen. Your opponent throws pies at turkeys, don't let the turkeys get past your side of the kitchen! Guaranteed to not be a clone of any game ever made. Click anywhere to send your pumpkins flying across the kitchen in that direction. Your ammo is displayed on the bottom right corner. If any pies or pumpkins go between the kitchen counter tops on the bottom of the screen, or explode on your half of the kitchen, you get another pumpkin for ammo. You win by getting 2 (out of 3) turkeys across the kitchen and between the counter tops on the top side of the screen. If you win, Play Again to play against a tougher opponent. The enemies quickly get

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