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Description:extreme TEXT Adventure II: The return of King Bucket head, the sequel to the most extreme, extreme text adventure ever . This time there's a bigger world, more NPCs, more side quests, more items, more puns, more references, a map, and a boss fight! How extreme is that!, If you've never played a text adventure before, it's pretty simple. Your location is described to you. Any words that are in ALL CAPS can be interacted with in the following ways (and maybe more, type "help" without quotes in the game for a partial list): You can LOOK at things, GET items, USE items, check your INVENTORY, check your MAP, TALK to people, GO to places, and other such things. For example, the proper form for looking at something (without the quotes) is "look ______." To combine two items, type (without quotes) "use ______ and ______." Just don't CHEAT. A few commands can be abbreviated (try some out), and commands only work if they are lower case (and with no punctuation), so be wary. Try interacting with different objects multiple times, and in different ways.

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