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Description:Teleporter Twins: The goal of the game is to help boxes find their lost little children. It is a hard job. but with the help of Teleporter Twins, many impossible tasks can be finished now. There are 3 methods to select the Target Box: - left-click a box to set it as Target Box. - press Space Bar to switch Target Box. - hold Space Bar, then use WASD or Up/ Down/ Left/ Right, arrow keys to select Target Box. (NOTICE: A teleporter is also a box. It can also be set as Target Box.). To roll the Target Box, use any of these methods: - press key A and key D, - press LEFT and RIGHT arrow key, - left-click (then either hold the mouse or not) an area without boxes occupied, Click in a blank area: roll target box, Backspace /Esc: undo one step,mouse click to shoot, Click on a box: select target box, Hold Space Bar: select target box, D /Right Arrow: right roll target box, Press Spacebar: switch target box, R: reset current level, A /Left Arrow: left roll target box, left/right arrow keys for movement

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