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Description:Team Fortress 2 Heavy Soundboard: This is the Heavy's soundboard the next one i'm working on is the scout (excited the most for the scout) I took a lot of peoples comments on my last soundboards and tried to incorporate them into this one. (mainly the ability to actually use this prank calls, etc.) Update 2! 10/1/09 Added - 27 new sounds (2nd page) - 1 more easter egg - Credits Page Changes - Changed pre-loader background to custom made gradient - Removed new logo - Moved first easter egg A HEAVY UPDATE 9/20/09 Added - 1 easter egg - 2 more sounds - NEW to corner for the update - Pre-loader with ads. (May Change in future.) Changes/Fixes - Changed Taunt 1 to a proper name. (along with other names) - Sound quality increased - Fixed white edges Click the words to play the corresponding sound!

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