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Description:TD P4 Team Battle: You can play 3 types of battles: "Death match", "Team Death match" and "Capture The Flag". In "Death match" you will play against everybody. Kill everyone and get experience and coins to buy new powerful weapons or items. In "Team Death match" you can choose either to play in red or blue team. You will get experience and coins by killing enemies like in "Death match". Also you will receive team points by killing enemies from other team. In "Capture The Flag" your team will get flag-points for capturing enemy flag and delivering it to your base. Once your level is increased, you'll be able to increase your avatar's skills to be more dangerous and invulnerable. Weapons are also require some skills such as accuracy, strength and explosions. You can receive medals for completing different achievements. You will get extra cash for each medal of for every 250 frags in the room. Cash is needed to buy some powerful weapons and artifacts which cannot be bought only for coins. A: Left, C: Crawl, E: Grenade, D: Right, F: Mine,mouse click to shoot, jump: up, S: Crouch, R: Reload, Esc: Show menu, T: Show chat, W: Jump, X: Next weapon, Z: Prev. weapon,movement: arrow keys

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