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Description:Symmetric shooter: a fast paced psychedelic shooter game where the goal is to survive for as long as possible by destroying enemies and catching stars which emit from inside of them to increase your score. The game starts of slow, but as the player reaches a higher level by destroying a certain amount of enemies, the game gets harder. Higher level enemies are worth more and do more damage as well. The game has 7 different power ups which can be collected by destroying enemies. Every enemy has a unique power up linked to it which has a certain ability. The game keeps track of your high score and features a score board to compare your progress with others. Survive for as long as possible by destroying enemies and collecting power ups. The game gets harder depending on what level you are on. W/ A/ S/ D - Move, Mouse/ Left Click - Aim/ Shoot, mouse click to shoot,movement: wasd

Fast paced games, Psychedelic games, Action games, Shooting games,

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