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Description:Summit: This is just a silly one level / one screen / one life game. The goal is to reach the summit of the mountain (the top of the screen) and / or to rescue as many people along the way as possible. It is intentionally a bit difficult to reach the top, and luck plays a significant role in whether or not you'll summit the mountain. However, even if the summit seems unreachable, you can still score well by rescuing a large number of people. Hold up to climb the mountain (you will slide down if you let go) and use the left and right arrows to move around rocks and trees, and to avoid avalanches (which will push you down the mountain). If your stamina (the orange bar) runs out, you will collapse and (presumably) freeze to death. Touch a blue mountaineer to rescue them for 250 points. Reach the top of the screen for 1000 points.

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