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Description:Stellar Conflicts: A real-time multiplayer flash game, where players pilot a space ship in a multiuser world.Ships are upgradables, with specials. You can purchase and sell Trade goods, do missions, or just plain destroy other players.Play in a regular zone, or play in a death match where 2 teams fight it out to the end of their base. Arrow Keys for movement, Control Fires guns, Space fires missiles (if purchased), F12 for in-game help and instructions. Fly your ship battling other players.Upgrade and equip your ship in ship hardware, Purchase new Ships (even Capital Ships).Users can play as a guest (which can only play in normal zones) or create an account where you game information is also saved. F12 For In-game Help Typing ?help and a message will send your message to all online staff. fire: control, movement: arrow keys

Space games, Multiplayer games, Squad games, Other/ Trivia games, Shooting games,

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