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Description:Star Struck: Star Struck is a fun and exciting game that tests your reflects and piloting skills while dodging multi-colored stars and collecting energy points deep in outer space.Easy to play but hard to walk away from this game will keep you flying in circles for hours and enjoying it! This game includes a multiplayer high scores list that allows you to track how your top scores compares to other players on a daily, weekly, or all time bases.This high score list even interfaces with Facebook to allow you to compare your scores with all of your friends. Welcome, Star Struck Pilot! Your mission is to collect energy points for our home planet. To begin your journey, click your spaceship to fire up the thrusters. Your spaceship will now follow wherever your mouse points, gaining speed the faster you move. Scoring: There are two ways to collect energy points. The first is to pilot your spaceship across the gravitational links between stars. This will temporarily drain the energy moving between those stars. use mouse for movement

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