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Description:Star Conquest: Command and enhance your fleet. Conquer all territories of your opponent in this real-time strategy game! Star Conquest is a real-time strategy game. Your objective is to occupy all planets, moons and asteroids that your opponent owns by sending ships to conquer his territory or by sending heavy rockets in his direction to make his life harder. In the course of the game you can harvest gold and crystals, expand your planets moons and asteroids with several upgrades such as laser turrets, buy specials like the ion cannon and sell or buy crystals if you have quite a lot of income of either. Like stated above, your objective is to occupy all territory (planets, moons and asteroids) your opponent owns. In the beginning of the game there are several neutral territories you can conquer to enhance your fleet or to increase your income of money and crystals. The most important territory is your home planet that you start with. If you lose your home planet you won't be able to build specials like the ion cannon! mouse click to shoot, use mouse for movement

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