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Description:Star Bomber: Sometime in the future... In a galaxy not too far from here... The Freedom Alliance is in the final throws of an epic battle with the evil galactic dictator Zarxis... The Freedom Alliance has at great human cost obtained blue-prints of Zarxis' ultimate weapon, dubbed the "De constructors", they are able to destroy entire planets with their formidable weaponry... The alliance is relying on you to use your elite piloting skills and your ability to tap into the cosmic harmonics by feeling "The Source", in order to attempt a series of daring bombing runs, destroying the "De constructors" and thus freeing humanity from Zarxis' evil rule of tyranny... Use the mouse to move the ship.Left mouse button fires your laser. Avoid hitting the cross beams and enemy fighters. Press Space Bar to deploy the missile (around 2500 meters from the exhaust port). Pro-tip: press the Down Arrow to speed up the text scroller... mouse click to shoot,Space: Drop Bomb, Down Arrow: Speed up text scroller,use mouse for movement

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