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Description:Spyware Sonic : game play: You are a spyware, and you can hack computers, open people's secret files, surf on the internet. and you must avoid the antivirus! Plot: Humans created the most intelligent (who can even talk) and powerful spyware ever done (it's like a super intelligent computer virus)! They called sonicx, because he can quickly and smartly travel on many computers, hack them, control them! Then, the creators saw how dangerous this spyware with self-intelligence could be! And they tried to delete him, but the spyware escaped! Now, this little spyware wants a revenge! He want to control the army's base computers and launch missiles using them to create a war between humans! Will such a thing happen? or something stronger than a revenge will make this spyware change is mind? It's on your hands, you are the spyware sonic

Army games, War games, Missile games, Virus games, Sonic games, Command games, Other/ Trivia games,

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