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Description:Spot Zim Mochi Games: Spot Zim is a fun pattern puzzle game that is easy to learn and super addictive! Spot Zim is played by finding the given patterns in the grid.Click on the dots to change their state.The numbers on the bottom and right side (X-Y axis) indicate how many hidden dots are in that row or column.When all the hidden patterns are found and only those are indicated as correct guesses, you win!You can now move up one level up. As your level increases, the number of patterns and their complexity increases. There are fifty levels to Spot Zim. On the right of the game board you will see the shape of patterns hidden in the grid.Patterns may be rotated, but never mirrored.Each pattern is only hidden once and do not touch each other in any direction, even diagonally.You can also click on pattern in the list to change its appearance to help with solving the puzzle. What is great about Spot Zim is that it makes for a fun puzzle game and is a great way to keep the brain in shape. You ca

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