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Description:Spink: SPINK is a Spin Art simulator. Spin art is an art form that uses paint, a canvas and a spinning platform. It is primarily used to entertain and expose children to the process of art creation, although it can be enjoyed by people of all ages. To create spin art, an artist drips paint onto a rotating canvas. Before the paint on the canvas dries, centrifugal forces draw the wet paint outwards, creating intricate designs. The artist can drip more paint onto the canvas while it is spinning using different colors, thus layering paint on top of each other, creating different effects. However using SPINK, there are some changes for the original spin art. One of them is that you can see the result immediately, which makes the image-creation more flexible and inspiration. Another change is that you have the power to mix the colors using different blending methods which are usual in digital world. Aggregately also with the option to change some paint attributes these features potentiate use mouse for movement

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