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    Description:Space Survivors
    Did you ever dream of appear in the zero gravity? It is partly physic puzzle and partly action. The spaceship was crashed and now you are supposed to evacuate spacemen avoiding different dangers, such as swamping holes, hungry aliens, sharp spikes, blowing fans, etc. There are 20 various cosmic modules (levels) expecting you. Also, there are 2 difficulty modes oriented for either fans of casual or hardcore games. You can always choose the difficulty mode in the settings menu. Are you cool enough to collect all the stars on each level? (However, it is enough to lead every spaceman to the exit to continue), Close the holes with mouse from the spaceman's side to save him from sucking. Push all spacemen to the exit. Try to keep a distance from the aliens which move in a random direction. Be aware of the spikes which can destroy the spaceman in a moment
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