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Description:Space Parasite: Space Parasite (Doom Machine) lets the player take control of a small orb hovering around in space. You must infect enemies and destroy them to collect gems that will help you grow and unlock new secrets. Customize from various power ups and enemies to find the best combination. . Use the arrow keys and A or Z or the mouse to navigate menus. . Move during play with either the arrow keys or the mouse. . Move the Parasite into an enemy to infect it, and click or hit an arrow key again to destroy that enemy, blasting the Parasite in the specified direction. . Every 10,000 points, a special enemy will appear if you have selected a power up. Kill this enemy to activate the selected power up. . Kill several enemies without letting the chain drain to rack up a large combo. . When time runs out, the score is counted up. Try for the highest score in one run. Improve your skills, choose the most effective selection of enemies and power ups, and use the combo system to get higher scores. mouse click to shoot, use mouse for movement

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