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Description:Slime : a puzzle game where the goal is to collect points by collapsing rock monsters to piles. Player controls the main character Slime and tries to avoid rock monsters that follow Slime . You can move Slime by clicking the arrow controls around Slime . To stand still you can just click Slime itself. After each of your moves the stone monsters will move towards you. They are not clever, so try to lure them to crash each other. This way they will collapse to stone piles. You should also try to get the stone monster to hit a stone pile which will cause it to crash as a part of that pile. If any of the stone monsters will catch you, you splash to death. Game consists of 32 x 26 blocks where Slime and rock monsters can move freely one block per a turn. There is also two special moves: Mega leap and Quake. Mega leap moves Slime to another random place in the field. But be aware that you might also jump next to a stone monster. With this leap you will need lot's of luck! Quake can be used to collapse stone monsters which are standing next to you, but you can use it only once in a level. use mouse for movement

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