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Description:Sketcher 2: Sketcher 2, not unlike its predecessor, is a game going around the idea of connecting the dots to create a picture. The second installment in the series primarily features more solid, robust and attractive engine and game play - now every picture consists of smaller parts which are drawn separately. The graphics are all kept in the paper and pencil theme, new levels (there are 12 of them, 4 more than before!) are themed around animals. New music and sound effects, menus and graphics, feeling and enjoyment! Use your mouse to hover above all the points in the right order to draw a sketch and then reveal a picture! use mouse for movement

Animal games, Picture games, Frog games, Drawing games, Penguin games, Image games, Pencil games, Turtle games, Tiger games, Sketch games, Dots games, Other/ Trivia games, Puzzle games,

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