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Description:Sixteen Out: An exciting and challenging Dice Game where you play against 3 opponents with dynamically changing difficulty! The Aim Is To Force Your Opponents To Get Over 15. There Are 2 Possibilities To Achieve This: 1. Try To Get A Total Of 15 (Next Player Loses 1 Life). 2. Try To Get As Close As Possible To A Total Of 15. The Player, Who Gets A Total Over 15, Loses 1 Life. The Next Player Continues To Play (Clockwise). Each Player Gets: 2 Dices To Play, 100$ Entry Fee, 6 Lives. The Bet sum Can Be Set Between 10$ And 50$. The Maximum Bet Is Determined By The Player With The Lowest Sum. At The Beginning Of A Game (Total=0), Two Dices Must Be Used To Play. During The Game, You Can Decide To Play With 1 Or 2 Dices. A Round Is Over, When Only 1 Player Has Lives Left. The Game Is Won, When Your Opponents Are Out Of Money. You Can Continue With New Players To Raise Your Score. mouse click to shoot, use mouse for movement

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