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Description:Rock Paper Scissor Wars: An innovative twist on an all-time classic. Includes classic mode for traditional players, and includes an additional mode call Troop Mode. The game pits Red fort Vs. Blue fort, and the players can send out a rock, paper, or scissor to battle it out. In troop mode each player can send out a larger army to battle it out. Destroy the enemies fort for some cool fort kill animations. Use mouse to select controls at the main menu. Separate controls are available for the Red fort and Blue fort. Use keyboard, mouse, or set to computer controlled. You can even watch computers battle against each other. 1: Red Rock, right_arrow: Blue Scissor,3: Red Scissor, 2: Red Paper, left_arrow: Blue Rock, down_arrow: Blue Paper

Rock paper scissors games, 2 player games, Classic games, Animation games, Match games, Puzzle games, Strategy games,

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