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Description:Robot tron 2084 : My version of the classic retro arcade game: Robot tron. Originally developed in AS1 and using vectors, this version now uses bitmap strip animations for the enemies, which makes it move at a decent speed even in a browser.You may recognize some of the bitmaps from my other game but I'm more of a coder and less of an animator so this allowed me to get the game online quite quickly.Please let me know what you think! Protect the Humans from the evil Robot trons! The player has a rechargeable personal shield which, when drained, will leave them vulnerable to health and weapon downgrades so try not to get hit!Classic twitch arcade action with some cool weaponry and game play. Shoot flyers to get random upgrades. 7 types of enemy:Zombies, Warriors, Hulks, Quarks, Drop ships, Tanks, Brains - each with different behavior. 12 levels of weapon power, upgradeable. mouse click to shoot, shift: rapid fire,movement: wasd

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