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Description:Rescue ET (yingbaobao): According to game design, yingbaobao, by chance, we obtain high-intelligent aliens with a link, and become a partner Quickly learn a very sophisticated yingbaobao UFO driving skills, and partners have been very precious gift, a flying saucer, it will be yingbaobao happy bad ... in this game, the yingbaobao needed to rescue those driving UFO , alien friend in trouble, take them back to their homes, Hush ~ ~! This is a secret, you must Privacy yo ~ ~ you are willing to help the yingbaobao and her alien friend? Come, take your mouse + keyboard, enter yingbaobao in the game world, with her an adventure! W - UFO up, S - down UFO, A - UFO left drift, D - UFO drift to the right, Spacebar - rescue from the UFO issue at the bottom of light, where the UFO ET breath When the specified amount of ET after the successful rescue, there will be room for a black hole, driving into the flying saucer, you can return to his homeland ET , press spacebar to shoot, spacebar to jump, left/right arrow keys for movement

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