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Description:PUZZLE on the TUBE: Slider Puzzle with Motion Pictures LIVE from YouTube! If you can complete all 20 levels then you are a GENIUS and should go get yourself a JOB with Google, NASA, CIA This game's purpose and goal is to encourages the player to restore the picture position of the video/content streamed. The own of the game is no attempt to misrepresent/alter the video or content but rather displayed in accordance to the nature of a Puzzle Sliding Game's nature. The owner or creator of this game is in no way affiliated with Youtube, the video or the streamed content of the game. The owner or creator of this game is not responsible for any mental, physical or personal discomforts and issues due to the content of the video being played. Picture Puzzle Game. Use the mouse to click on the tiles. Complete each puzzle before video finishes. mouse click to shoot, use mouse for movement

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