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Description:Pushing Tin: Pushing Tin allows you to try your hand at one of the most intense and demanding jobs in the world. As an Air Traffic Control Wannabe, your job is to safely get all aircraft from point A to point B as quickly and safely as possible. It starts off pretty easy but things can get out of hand as the levels increase. This game is based on an old Atari 800 game called Kennedy Approach which I loved playing back in the day. Issue clearances to the aircraft to get them all safely through your airspace. You can tell them to climb, descend, turn, depart and land. Collect more points by increasing the speed of the simulation. Watch out though, make a mistake while hot dogging and the penalties increase as well! The first few scenarios are intentionally slow so you can learn the basics. Later levels add thunderstorms and different types of aircraft. You'll be wishing you could slow it down more. The in-game instructions 1 - 9: Set game speed, UP, DOWN: Change altitude for selected aircraft, ESC: select aircraft, 0 or END: End game, A - Z: Select an aircraft, LEFT, RIGHT: Change heading for selected aircraft

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