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Description:Proposition Bot: Have some fun using basic formal logic! Create propositions and use them to get the bots to deactivate the sites and then get each bot to its respective exit. (Although all the information required to play this game is provided in the in-game manual, a little familiarity with basic formal logic is recommended.) In some levels, there are regions in which you may control the bots directly using the keys Q (signal) W (reflex mode) A (left plus) S (right plus) Z (left minus) X (right minus); most of the levels require that you set the bots' reflexes, which is done with the mouse. Be sure to take a glance at the manual should you get stuck during game play! a: left tread plus, q: signal switch, SPACE: bot switch, s: right tread plus, w: reflex mode switch, x: right tread minus, z: left tread minus

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