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Description:Pandora & Plato Puzzle Game: Pandora, 430 old, and Plato, 380 years old are two Strawberry Birds in love, an extremely fortunate event since they are the last surviving members of their remarkable species. Wicked Marilyn and her two ambitious sons, Charlie and Lious have discovered a secret not even Pandora and Plato know: Strawberry bird tears are magical! Marilin's vicious plans depend on keeping the Strawberry birds as far from each other as possible, causing their grief and therefore, their tears! Pandora and Plato, with the help of their friends Ernesto, Carmen and her son Paco will never give up though. For in their hearts and minds they know what happiness, just like teardrops, comes from within! Complete the Puzzles to collect all characters of the Pandora & Plato magical universe. Move the pieces to complete the Puzzles. use mouse for movement

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