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Description:Pair Them Up: The Games is a mind teaser with a hilarious background story revolving around a monkey named Hakuba, living in Ozaka forest. He thinks he is the smartest amongst his folks and challenges the players in a memory game. In his game there are cards containing pictures of his jungle-mates who have identical twins. There are four different categories of cards from which one has to pick one category at the beginning of every level. The game has four levels and at the beginning of every level a player chooses from the categories which have not been chosen earlier until the last level, in which there is no choice but to pick the only remaining category. In every level, there are 16 cards containing pictures of 8 twins. With every correct match a player gets some points while on the contrary if a player picks the wrong card he/she looses points. The time for which the cards are flashed to a player at the beginning of the level keeps decreasing with every level. At the end of every level, H Click on the cards to turn them around and see what picture it has. use mouse for movement

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