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Description:Pace Maker: Story: In 3010 the computer viruses have been evolved and became able to travel through air and infect any electrical system and destroy it. Electrical companies have developed hardware circuits (called circuit breaker) to destroy any incoming viruses. Everything was good till virus was invented. This virus initially invented to infect Pace Makers and destroy it using shocking bullets leading to heart failures. So get ready virus for destroying humanity. Synchronous Virus: This virus can shoot shocking bullets when the bullet charger (called rotor) is in the direction of shooting. Asynchronous Virus: This Virus shoots at any time but bullet charger (rotor) must pass on the direction of shooting at least one time before shooting. Goal: Your mission is to destroy circuit breakers attacking you, so this will cause lots of shocking increasing shock rate. When shock rate exceed a certain limit the pace maker is destroyed and you win the level. WASD/ Arrows: Move, Left Mouse: Fire, Space/ Ctrl: Use Kaboom (If you have), mouse click to shoot, Spacebar/ Ctrl: Use Kaboom (If you have), movement: wasd

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