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Description:Our Soldiers: Our Soldiers is a video game based on the “Scorched Earth” game and other similar games within the genre, where the aim is to eliminate the opposing team, destroying their soldiers with different weapons. The team who has at least one soldier alive after a series of turns is the winner. Soldiers can move around the field. Use the left and right arrows to move and the up arrow to jump. There are a total of 10 weapons and tools and the option of skipping a turn. The Select weapon options will only appear when it is your turn.Click on the weapon you want to select. Each player must adjust the angle and force of their soldier’s fire. This is done every turn. The battle field is larger than the viewing area.For this reason there is a zoom to enlarge or reduce the viewing area. The “scroll” will give us free movement over the whole battle field.It works by simply moving your mouse over the screen while holding down the “SPACE BAR” key. There are mines all over the field which are activated if a soldier gets close and touches them. From that moment, you have 5 seconds to get away from the explosion. Starting the game mouse click to shoot, jump: up,movement: arrow keys

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