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Description:Oops .. Bubbles: You must make bubbles to coop in the butterflies in it. When the bubbles (with a butterfly) already steady fly on the sky, jump to catch it. Complete your progress level until 100% (reach 1000 point). There are 3 random bonuses that you can used to barter your butterflies, it can make your progress level complete faster. Arrow key (Left, Right, Up, Down) or A, S, W, D on keyboard to move the player. Use the space bar to make a bubble, this bubble is used to coop in the butterfly in it. Use the shift key on keyboard to jump. You must jump to catch the bubbles (with butterfly) that already steady fly on the sky. Use 1,2,3 on keyboard to barter the glow bonus with your butterflies. Use P to pause the game or back to menu. A: move left, D: move right,press spacebar to shoot, Shift: jump, S: move down, W: move up,movement: arrow keys

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