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Description:online: A simple yet engaging multiplayer game in which you navigate and draw a line across the space to trap your opponents in. Think tron, think snake. Think better. Also, classy. Avoid crashing into any line or the edge and make sure your opponents do just that! Steer left and right, and use The Boost for a short speed increase or The Gapper for a second of gapping. A / D Left / Right Arrow, Number pad 4 / 6 = Left / Right W, Up Arrow, Number pad 8, Shift = The Booster S, Down Arrow, Number pad 5, Space = The Gapper fire: shift,spacebar to jump,movement: arrow keys

Space games, Ship games, Multiplayer games, Snake games, Tron games, Competition games, Lines games, Action games, Customize games, Driving, Racing games, Other/ Trivia games,

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