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Description:One Wheel Frenzy: This-is-madness! Mighty gravity force pulling you down and all that stuff is blocking your way. You have to learn to ride your one wheel bike quickly before losing your balance for good. You play as a creepy circus clown trying to avoid all trash coming your way. As the game speeding up, keeping him on the track would be more difficult. Will you reach the apocalyptic Moon surface? There are two game difficulties to choose from, normal and hard. In the hard one you can't jump but you get twice more points when you finished. Use mouse to move around and click to jump. Keep your balance with A, D or arrow keys. Avoid obstacles, don't hit the ground and have fun! a: steer left, mouse click to jump, d: steer right,use mouse for movement

Skill games, High score games, Circus games, Clown games, Balance games, Fast games, Speed games, Bike games, Frenzy games, Crazy games, Wheel games, Adventure games, Driving, Racing games, Rhythm games,

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