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Description:Omega Empire: Omega Empire is a retro mmog (massively multiplayer online game) inspired by the golden age of video games. In it you play the role of a ship commander defending your team's planets against the opposing enemy ships. Cooperation and teamwork are essential for victory. You can choose to play different types of ships each designed for a different role. The team that manages to colonize all the planets within the playing filed is considered the victor. Players earn experience points and credits throughout game play. They can exchange these for a higher rank or a better ship. Higher ranks unlock ships and equipment available only to ranking members. The game is very easy to learn but to get the most out of it, please go to the instructions page for further details. Use arrow keys to navigate & the space bar to fire. press spacebar to shoot, movement: arrow keys

Retro games, Multiplayer games, Old school games, Action games, Adventure games, Shooting games, Strategy games,

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