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Description:Never land: Explore the supernatural mysteries of the shack called Never land, a place where games of innocence turn to darkness. For years, the Jackson family vacationed at Rowena Wandigaux Lee's old Victorian house on Gull Island, a place of superstition and legend off the southern coast. One particular summer, young Beau follows his cousin Sumter into a hidden shack in the woods-and christens this new clubhouse "Never land." Never land has a secret history, unknown to the children... The rundown shack in the woods is the key to an age-old mystery, a place forbidden to all. But Sumter and his cousins gather in its dusty shadows to escape the tensions on Gull Island. Never land becomes the place where the children begin to worship a creature of shadows and nightmares. Drawn from the novel by Douglas Clegg, with illustrations by Glenn Chadbourne. Click on the differences with your mouse.Use the hints if you get stuck.

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