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Description:Need for Boom Undercover: In this game you are a undercover operative who just blew up a whole planet dedicated to illegal research regarding weapons of mass destruction. Your task is to avoid debris coming from the explosion as you struggle to escape the blast, and survive for as long as you can. Kind of like Copter I guess, except this is in the other direction... Use your arrow keys to control the ship and avoid collision with the asteroid debris coming from the explosion. Do not fly too far to the left or too far to the right or your only ship will be lost! When you're hit by an asteroid, the game is over and your results will be at hand. Keep in mind the asteroids are coming from your left - not your right! movement: arrow keys

Asteroid games, Arcade games, Planet games, Explosion games, Spaceship games, Countdown games, Fire games, Bomb games, Stone games, Drum games, Rock games, Boom games, Cover games, Action games, Other/ Trivia games,

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