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Description:Nano war demo: A Real Time Strategy Game (RTS),Action game. In the human body, you control the blue cells your opponent controls the red cells. Defend, attack, increase your cells and destroy them. Nano War demo : Multiplayer mode and level editor only available on nano war.free.fr. Nano War is a real time strategy game. 1. In Nano War, you have to annihilate the other entity. You are the blue cells, your opponent is red. Send your units to the red cells. To attack another cell : CLICK on your blue cell then CLICK on the red cell. You will send 50% or 99% (keep pressing) of the units from the cell. 2. You have to capture other cells in order to produce your units. The grey cells are neutral and static. The number of units into the cells is limited by their size. Press the mouse click to shoot,mouse click to jump,use mouse for movement

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